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India’s First BIS Certified Jeweller


More than 600 year ago, England had their own hallmarking and assaying systems for gold ornaments. By seeing our Gods and Goddesses, adorning gold crowns and ornaments, our gold market could be at least 5000 years old.

Still we did not have such scientific methodology to know the purity of gold in india. Perhaps, this could be because our goldsmiths were either very truthful or our consumers were ignorant of gold technology.
When lakhs of jewellers hesitate and shy away from this new process, kunhikaannan jewellery gold house, kannur Kerala, came forward to obtain india’s first BIS certification in gold.

On 11th April 2000, for the first time hallmarking Assaying of gold was introduced in India by the Bureau of indian Standards (BIS) under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of india in co-operation with world gold council and it is going to be mandatory for the gold business in India soon. Thus we have become a land mark in the purity of gold.

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