vission & Mission


To attain PURITY, We have to abide by TRUTH.
Kunhikannan jewellery Gold House envisions in achieving perfection in PURITY of Gold Jewellery, because Gold is an Investment of all times with high liquidity.

2. In this quest for PURITY, we will be able to bring EQ- Emotional Intelligence and SQ – Spiritual intelligence in our Business Management.

3. This shall lead us to better HRM (Human Resources management), CRM (Customer Relations management), ERM (Employee Relations Management) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) in our organization.


B) Core Purpose:

To do our KARMA Spiritually for the evolution of our own consciousness to higher DIVINE VALUES, (to the highest realms of truth and peace).


2. Mission statement: Kunhikannan Jewellery Gold House Is Dedicated and Committed to work for betterment of our society where we serve, by promoting ethics in business, value based Education, Literature, Art, Creativity, yoga, meditation and Spirituality to realize our unique potential and inner – self.